COVID Cleaning Policies

We’ve instituted cleaning protocols to help travelers feel safe and comfortable at our properties.

  • Contactless Check in- Check in and out of our properties without interfacing with staff. We disinfect the keys and the key box between guests.
  • Bed Linens- Our bed linens, including duvet covers, pillow shams and even zippered pillow protectors are all professionally cleaned after every guest. We’ve removed all throw blankets and decorative upholstered items from beds.
  • Leather furniture- All of the sofas and chairs in our cottages are leather or wood, making them easier to wipe down between guests. We’ve removed upholstered decorative pillows and blankets.
  • Enhanced cleaning procedures- Our staff is trained in ensuring the house is thoroughly cleaned between guests, including light switches, door handles, hand rails, and other high touch surfaces.
  • Pause between guests- We are blocking our schedule to ensure there is a minimum 24 hour gap between guests departing and arriving.

We’re doing our part to help travelers get back out into the countryside for some much needed fresh air.