Vineyard Walking / Biking Paths

Just 300m from our holiday rental home, stroll or bike through the extensive minor roads and unpaved paths that follow the vineyards of the Côtes de Beaune. Called La Voie des Vignes or La Voie Verte, the paths flow about 22km from Santenay to Beaune, through the villages of Meursault, Puligny Montrachet, Chassagne Montrachet, Pommard, and Volnay.

Climb the hills to see the "Sunday houses" peppered through the vineyards, admire the clos walls and gates that have stood guard for centuries, wine taste your way through the villages, or bike to any number of picnic spots, bars and restaurants along the trail.

Check our guide below about how to get the most from your bike or hike through the vineyard paths, La Voie des Vignes.

Getting to the paths

Map to access Biking Hiking paths in the vineyards in Meursault

From our holiday rental houses, the fastest route to the vineyard paths is via rue Pierre Mouchoux (see map above.) But you can access the paths from countless small roads throughout the village. Just head in the direction of the vineyards (downhill from French Holiday Cottages) and you'll find them.

Throughout any of the villages on the voie des vignes, you'll find large map signs as well as small directional signs.

Voie des vignes vineyard path signs Voie vert vineyard path signs

Food and Wine on the Trails

Picnics: If you want to pack a picnic, Meursault has plenty of specialty food shops, all within a few steps of each other on the main square.

  • The bakery in the village square offers fresh baguette sandwiches.
  • The butcher (boucherie) has ready-made salads and a great selection of charcuterie.
  • Pick up some fruit or cheese at the épicerie or petite Casino grocer.
Keep in mind some shops close for lunch, so pick up your food beforehand.

Dining: There are casual restaurants and bars where you can stop for drinks in each of the villages. See this list of restaurants, bars, and ice cream shops in Meursault, or this favorite restaurant, La Cabane, which serves food all day in a pretty park in Chassagne-Montrachet. Keep in mind that most French restaurants are open 12-2 and 7-10. Bars are often open in between hours for non-alcoholic, coffee, and alcoholic beverages. Ice cream shops are often open when bars are open.

Wine Tasting: Each village along the voie vigne wine trail abounds with options for wine tasting or to pick up a bottle to take with you. Find any "caveau" that is open for "dégustation" which is tasting, or there are chateux along the way that offer tours and tasting. See our wine tasting guide for more info. Another great option along the Voie de Vignes in Puligny Montrachet is this fabulous wine bar with outdoor seating.

Plan your breaks as most wine tasting places close during lunch hours.

Bicycle Rentals and Tours

If you want to rents some bicycles, bike trailers, or join a bike tour, check out our bicycle rentals Meursault guide here.