Wine tasting at Chateau de Meursault

Wine Tasting in Meursault, Burgundy

and along the Route Des Grands Crus

A simple walk through the streets of Meursault and nearby Burgundy wine villages will take you past countless vintners who offer tastings (dégustations) of their wines in a small, intimate setting. For a grander experience, the chateaux in the villages along the Burgundy Route des Grands Crus offer tours of their centuries-old cellars, as well as guided tastings and food and wine experiences. Explore our guide to some of the best places to taste wine in Burgundy, background about the wine, what to expect at the winery and more.

These Burgundy wine tasting experiences are located along the Côte de Beaune portion of the Route des Grands Crus running from Beaune to Santenay. The entire route is connected by walking and biking paths through the vineyards, or of course by car.

Wine tasting at small caveau in Meursault and Beaune, Burgundy Area

Smaller / Caveaux Tasting

Taste at smaller wine producers in a personal, interactive experience. Discover lesser-known wines from experts connected to making them.

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Wine tasting at larger wineries and chateaux in Meursault, Burgundy France and nearby

Larger / Chateaux Tasting

Visit grand wine making chateaux- many offer tours of ancient cellars as well as guided wine tasting by experts. Choose from a menu of tasting options.

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Wine Experiences

Special wine tasting experiences, including a private tasting at your holiday rental cottage, customized tours, food / wine pairings and more.

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Route Des Grands Crus

Learn more about how to explore the Route des Grands Crus, including wine villages like Pommard, Puligny-Montrachet, Beaune and more.

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Wine Tasting Guide

What to expect when wine tasting in Burgundy, France. Types of tasting experiences, opening hours, tasting etiquette.

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How to Ship Wine

It's surprisingly simple to ship wine internationally. Bring your favorite Burgundy wines home, and if you are outside the EU, at a discount.

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Smaller Caveau Tasting in Meursault

Throughout the villages along the Route des Grands Crus you'll find small wine producers who offer "dégustation" (wine tasting) in their "caveau" (wine cellars). Simply walk, bike, or drive around on a journey of discovery -or- get started with our guide to the best small caveau wine tasting in Meursault below. These are some of our favorite small Meursault vintners with well staffed tasting rooms and charming experiences. When the "ouvert" sign is out, they are open and welcoming guests. If you need a bit more info about what to expect and etiquette, check out our guide to wine tasting in France.

Ropiteau Frères

Ropiteau Freres Wine Tasting Meursault near Beaune

Location: Meursault, 13 Rue du 11 Novembre
Website | Tel: +33 (0)3 80 21 24 73 | email
Hours: Open 7 days, 10a - 6p, from Easter through 3rd Weekend of November | Reservation required

A short walk from Meursault’s village square, this charming wine tasting room has knowledgeable staff who are happy to educate you while you taste Ropiteau Frère red and white wines. They also offer tours of their caves. A few adjustments are in place due to Covid: currently, an appointment is required. The first wine is free to taste and three additional wines can be tasted for 7 euro.

Domaine Monnier & Fils

Domaine Jean Monnier & Fils Wine Tasting Meursault

Location: Main Square Meursault
Website | Tel:+33 3 80 21 38 02
Hours: Open 7 days, 10a - 7p, no reservation required

This wine shop offers tastings in a spacous space on the main square in Meursault. With wines from their domaine only, they offer a range of whites and reds including Meursault premier crus. Some village level wines are free to taste while there is a small fee to taste higher quality (premier cru for example) wines. They will ship internationally with no VAT for non-EU residents (20% savings). Guests of our holiday cottages can receive a discount on tasting when you mention you are staying with us.

Noël Chouet

Noel Chouet Wine Tasting Meursault

Location: Meursault, 4 Rue du Moulin Foulot
Website | Tel:+33 (0)6 88 02 40 08 | email

The Chouet family has been making wine for ten generations, since 1370. Their tasting room is nestled in the courtyard of the family estate, across the street from Chateau de Meursault.

Terrasses de Citeaux

Chateau de Citeaux Wine Tasting Meursault- outdoor patio seating

Location: Meursault, 7 Place de la République
Website | Tel:+33 3 80 21 20 32
Hours: Open 10a - 6pm, Wednesday to Saturday | Appointments required

Across from the back of the church, this tasting room offers the delectable wines of Philippe Bouzereau, made from vineyards across the Côte de Beaune. The tasting room has lovely views of the Chateau de Citeaux and vineyards. Taste 6 wines for 20 euros/person.

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Chateau / Larger Domaine Tasting

Chateaux and larger domaines typically offer guided tours and tastings for a fee. Some also offer interesting wine-themed experiences like blending, harvesting, lunches, and even hot air ballooning. Below is a list of the best chateau wine tasting in Burgundy, near our holiday home in Meursault. These wine tasting experiences are all set in the rolling French countryside. For the larger domaines centrally located in Beaune, a small, historic city, see this list of Beaune wine tasting. If you need a bit more info about what to expect and etiquette, check out our guide to wine tasting in France.

Chateau de Meursault

Chateau de Meursault Wine Tasting and Cave Tours  Chateau de Meursault Wine Tasting and Cave Tours

Location: Meursault, 5 Rue de Moulin Foulot
Website | Tel:+33 3 80 26 22 75 | email
Hours: open 7 days, 10a - 6p | Appointment required

A short walk from our holiday rental cottage, Chateau de Meursault is a wonderful wine tasting experience in Burgundy. Start with a tour of the cellars that wander through their development between the 12th and 16th centuries. At the end, taste a number of Burgundy red and /or white wines with a guide who will explain how the flavor is affected by where the vines are located along the hillsides of Meursault. Make a reservation to be sure you can get a spot on a tour in your language.

Private Tasting- The private wine tasting and tour is well worth the extra fee if you want a more personal experience. Receive a private tour of the cellars followed by a one-on-one guided wine tasting with a Chateau de Meursault expert in a private room. Reserve online.

Chateau de Pommard

Chateau de Pommard Wine Tasting near Meursault and Beaune in Burgundy

Location: Pommard, 15 Rue Marey-Monge
Website | Tel:+33 3 80 22 07 99
Hours: Apr-Nov 7 days 9:30a-6:30p | Dec-Mar 18 9:30a-5:30p | Appointment required

Chateau de Pommard offers some of the best wine related experiences in all of Burgundy. Their experiences include tasting classes, hands-on blending, harvesting, food/wine pairing, hot air ballooning...  and even a wine tasting during which they distract your kids while you taste wine. Wine tasting experiences must be booked in advance. Explore the Wine Experience Menu.

Save 25%  on the following wine tasting experiences when you book through our local property managers. Email us for more information.

Chateau de Santenay

Chateau Santenay Wine Tasting

Location: Santenay, 1, rue du Château
Website | Tel:+33 3 80 20 61 87
Hours: Apr - Nov, all days, 10a-12:30p & 1:30p-6p Reservations recommended | Dec - Mar, Mon - Fri by reservation only

Explore the verdant grounds and the 9th century cellars or just stop in for some wine tasting. Located in Santenay, Burgundy, just a few kilometers from Meursault and Beaune, the chateau offers a wine tasting lunch that includes a cellar tour and a paired lunch in the Salle des Gardes (book in advance.) This chateau is open all year and even weekends and public holidays. The wines are lovely and you don’t need a reservation just to taste wine, but tours are on a set schedule so it’s good to call ahead to the chateau to be sure what time they are offered are in your language.

Chateau de Chassagne Montrachet

Chateau de Chassagne Montrachet Wine Tasting near Beaune Burgundy

Location: Chassagne Montrachet, 5 chemin du chateau
Website | Tel:+33 3 80 21 98 57

Taste from a menu of wines inside the old chateau. The wine is pure Bourgogne while the tasting experience is more Napa Valley. If you prefer a menu with a fee to taste, then this is the right place to go. You'll have a guide for the tasting who is very knoweldgeable about Burgundy wines and the overall experience is less intimidating than smaller wine tasting rooms.

Chateau de la Crée

wine tasting at Chateau de la Cree, Burgundy France, near Meursault and Beaune

Location: Santenay, 11 Rue Gaudin
Website | Tel:+ 33(0)3 80 20 63 36
Hours: April-October 10a - 6:30 p every day | November - March Monday-Saturday 10a - 6 p. Reservations Requested. | email

Chateau de la Crée offers a variety of wine-related experiences including wine tasting in their vaulted cellar, paired lunches, wine auction party and even cooking classes. If you are more outdoor minded, try their vineyard tours, harvesting experience, or e-cycling in the vineyards. If you are visiting from the US, Chateau de la Crée is owned by Domaine Serene, so some of their Burgundy wines are available from their award-winning Oregonian winery.

Private Tastings, Tours, Experiences

Little Montrachet Private Wine Tasting

Private wine tasting experience in Chagny from Little Montrachet- Tasting Room


Private wine tasting experience in Chagny from Little Montrachet- Tasting Table

Photo Credit: © Anna Nonciaux

Location: Chagny (8km, 5 mi)
Hours: By reservation

In this delightful tasting salon in nearby Chagny, wine expert and exporter Anna Nonciaux will guide you through a tasting from family-owned domaines you wouldn't likely discover on your own. Through her relationships with small producers in France and Italy, Anna has compiled three unique tasting experiences:

  • Burgundy Wines- a range of wines that show the breadth and depth of Burgundy
  • Montrachet Experience- explore wines from some of the world’s most famous Chardonnay vineyards of Puligny-Montrachet, Chassagne-Montrachet, Saint-Aubin, and Meursault
  • Burgundy vs. Piedmont Experience- Compare and contrast red wines of Burgundy and the Italian Piedmont putting French Pinot Noir against Italian Barolo and Barbaresco.

Experiences range from 1.5-2.25 hours. Email Little Montrachet for more information.

Wine Tours- Burgundy Discovery


Website | Tel:+33 (0)6 38 53 15 27 | email

If you want an expert pick you up, drive you to outstanding wineries you couldn't visit on your own, and offer expert wine knowledge, then look to Burgundy Discovery. Their one-day and multi-day excursions start at 240 euro/person, including transportation, wine tasting, and a chance to meet winegrowers off the beaten path who don't otherwise take visitors.

Wine Tours- Burgundy By Request

Burgundy By Request Wine Tasting Tours

Website | Tel:+33 (0)6 85 65 83 83 | email

If you'd like a customized wine or siteseeing tour, Burgundy by Request can arrange private tour guides, wine lunches, winery tours and more concierge style services. English and French speaking specialists know winemakers and have an in-depth knowledge of historical sites.

Restaurant Wine Tasting Lunches

Wine tasting lunches near Meursault, Beaune

Restaurants along the Route des Grands Crus offer wine tasting lunches, often with a sommelier to guide you in understanding how the terroir influences each wine and why the food/wine pairing is chosen.

Chateaux Wine Experiences

Wine tasting experiences at Chateaux in Meursault, Beaune

Special wine tasting experiences are available through some of the chateaux in the area.

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Route des Grands Crus

Villages along the Route des Grands Crus

Map of Villages on Route des Grands Crus in Burgundy France

Meursault is located along the celebrated Route des Grands Crus, a 60km road that runs through 38 picturesque wine villages alongside the vineyards of Bourgogne (Burgundy). Step out the door of our holiday rental houses and you can enjoy verdant rolling vineyards, visit wine making chateaux, and taste some of the best wines in the world. Within just a few km, wine tasting villages include Santenay, Chassagne-Montrachet, Puligny-Montrachet, Meursault, Pommard, Beaune, and Volnay.

Côte de Beaune vs Côte de Nuit

The Route des Grands Crus is in two sections, the Côte de Beaune and Côtes de Nuits.
Côte de Beaune: Produces the greatest dry white wines in the world including 8 of Burgundy's Grand Crus. Runs from Corgoloin and Beaune to Santenay. Includes famous wines from Meursault, Corton Charlemagne, Montrachet and other villages. Map of Côte de Beaune wine tasting villages
Côtes de Nuits: Produces some of the greatest red wines in the world including 24 of Burgundy's 33 Grand Crus. Runs from Dijon to Corgoloin, includes famous wines such as Romanée Conti, Chambertin, Clos de Vougeot, and more. Map of Côte de Nuits wine tasting villages

Where to Taste Wine along the Route des Grands Crus

There are copious opportunities to taste wine along Burgundy's Route des Grands Crus, depending upon what type of wine experience you want to have.

  • Village cooperatives are a great way to taste wine from small producers, or to taste without driving much.
  • Small domaines offer a more intimate wine tasting experience, particularly for those knowledgeable about wine.
  • Chateaux and large domaine tasting rooms offer tours, tastings, and wine experiences, with menus and fees.
More on Types of Experiences / What to expect Guide to Smaller Meursault Domaines Guide to Chateaux / Larger Domaines

Wine Tasting Guide

What to expect- French Tasting Experience

Opening Hours

Most larger wine tasting rooms and chateaux are open everyday, all year (except Christmas and New Year's Day). Smaller caveaux are often closed December-March. As with most French businesses, many smaller caveaux close during lunch and on Sunday. If the "CAVEAU OUVERT" sign is out, they are open and happy to welcome you.

Wine Experiences

There are a few ways to go wine tasting in Burgundy, France. The French are happy to share wine with you, but the style of the presentation varies depending on where you taste.

Wine tasting in Burgundy, Meursault, at a small domainWine tasting in Meursault Burgundy at a small domainRoutes des Grands Crus sign for wine tasting in Burgundy France

Smaller Domaines / Caveau

For a more personal experience, stop in to a small tasting room (caveau) for a single domaine. These intimate wine tasting venues pepper Meursault and the nearby villages, often located in old stone buildings with original beams and barrels. A knowledgeable staff member, and maybe even a winemaker him or herself, will pour for you. Since COVID, most small domaines now request reservations to be sure there is enough space for everyone.

Setting and Experience

In smaller wine tasting caveau, there is often no charge to taste, but they'd like you to buy a bottle (or more). The tasting staff often talk with one customer at a time and the French are generally reserved during the tasting. Don't worry, their reserve is actually about being polite and showing respect for you, and for your experience with the wine. You may sense that they expect you to know a little bit about wine (at least about what you like in wine) and that you are there to find wine you would like to buy some day. If you prefer a more casual, entertaining style of wine tasting, try the chateaux or larger domaines. Worth noting, some small wine tasting domains will ship wine, and some are not set up for it. But, you can ship easily by following our guide to shipping wine.)

How to find them

For Meursault wine tasting, see our list of favorite small wine tasting caveaux in Meursault here. Throughout other villages, find the small domaines simply by walking, biking, or driving through the villages along the Route de Grands Crus. Trails flow through the vineyards between villages, so biking and picnicking along the way are a delight. Follow the brown signs for the Route des Grands Crus and look for "caveau ouvert" (cave open) or "dégustation" (wine tasting) signs that indicate they are welcoming guests. Remember to be courteous of their lunch break, which is typically 12-2.

wine tasting in Burgundy at a chateauwine tasting in Burgundy France at Chateau de Meursault

Chateaux and Large Domaines

The chateaux along the Route des Grands Crus in Burgundy and some larger domaines in Beaune offer tours of the cellars and guided tastings with groups. For those used to American-style tasting rooms, such as in Napa Valley, this experience is more what you’d be familiar with. You can enjoy tasting from a menu of wines for a fee, typically with an expert guide to explain each wine. Reservations are often required. Some chateaux offer only wine tasting, though more and more also offer food and wine experiences, harvesting, lunches, and more elaborate wine tasting experiences that all must be booked in advance. Most will ship wine (see our guide to shipping wine.)

Setting and Experience

The chateaux are located in the countryside along the Route des Grands Crus. Enjoy the grounds of the chateaux, tasting rooms, and cellars that date back to the 12th century in some cases. Most chateaux also have a wine shop with some other branded merchandise.

The large domaines in Beaune are set in grand buildings in the historic, walled city of Beaune. Most are centrally located in the heart of Beaune or just outside the city walls, all walk-able from central Beaune. You'll find domaines such as Bouchard Père et Fils and Domaine Drouhin.

How to find them

Chateaux: See our guide to the best Burgundy chateaux wine tasting near Beaune and Meursault.
Beaune Domaines: Find a list of Beaune domaine wine tasting rooms here.

wine tasting at village cooperative

Village Cooperative or Wine Merchant

Many villages, and certainly larger villages like Beaune, have places to taste wines from many wine makers in the area. This is a way to taste wine from smaller vintners who might not have their own tasting caveaux and to sample wines without needing to travel between wineries. If you are in Beaune and want to taste lots of variety without driving, there are a number of these shops within walking distance.

Setting and Experience

Cooperatives may be in a retail setting or in an old stone building, depending on the size of the village. A well-informed staff member will typically guide you in tasting several wines. Some places let you choose several wines and some provide a menu of tasting options and associated fees to taste. If you have not paid a fee to taste, there is an expectation that you will buy something. Reservations are recommended.

How to find them

In a village, look for a sign for "produits regionaux" or regional products from multiple producers. In Beaune, start at the Hospices De Beaune. In the pedestrian avenues around the Hospices, you'll find numerous wine shops (as well as large domaines) that offer tasting. One of the largest is Marché Aux Vins, where you can make a reservation online and choose from several wine tasting menus.

Food and Shopping

The French wine tourism business is less commercial than what you might be used to in the US. At smaller domaines you will find wine and only wine. In larger domaines and chateaux, you'll likely find some fun winery merchandise to buy. What you won't find is food. Other than pre-reserved lunches or food and wine experiences, wineries do not sell food. So if you are going to get hungry, explore our dining page, particularly the resources for take away and picnics. Buying a picnic and then picking up a bottle of wine to enjoy with it is one of the most delightful ways to spend a summer day in French wine country.
Dining and Picnic Guide

About Burgundy Wines

Burgundy (or Bourgogne) wines are primarily made from Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes. Burgundy wines taste significantly different than wines made from the same grape varietals in the United States or other countries. While the character of the wine depends where the grapes were grown along the hillside, in general the reds are known for their aromas of red fruit and spices. The whites are often described with aromas of minerals, flowers, and white or yellow fruit. Meursault wine in particular is known for it's smoothness, freshness, and length on the palette. The expert staff in the tasting rooms are happy to explain how wines vary in flavor depending on where they are grown within the region.
More about Burgundy wines

Burgundy wine bottles, tasting at Chateau de Meursault

UNESCO World Heritage Site

Did you know the Climats de Bourgogne are a UNESCO World Heritage site? The climats of Burgundy were added to the UNESCO list in 2015 to preserve this unique, 2000-year old cultural heritage. As you explore Meursault and the villages nearby, or gaze at the rolling hills of vineyards, or taste the wine grown in tradition ways, you are participating in a world heritage activity.
More about the Climats de Bourgogne