Restaurants and Bars- Meursault, Burgundy

Looking for a great place to eat in Meursault, Burgundy? Here are some of our favorite restaurants in and around Meursault. Many of these restaurants are within walking or biking distance of our holiday cottage amidst the quaint villages of Meursault, Puligny-Montrachet, Chassagne-Montrachet or the city of Beaune. We’ve listed restaurants for when you want a quick go-to meal as well as the restaurants to plan a special evening of gourmet delights. Jump to the map of Meursault restaurants to see food options within walking distance of our holiday rental home.

COVID update: As of the second confinement, some restaurants are open for take away. Dining at the restaurant and bars are closed.

  • Pricing: We've listed "set menu" prices to give you an idea of cost but you don't have to choose the set menu. Restaurants offer set menus and à la carte options, though set menus are usually significantly less expensive.
  • Limited Open Hours: Restaurants are typically only open 12-2 for lunch and 7-10 for dinner. However, the bars and ice cream shops are open in between restaurant hours so you can get some refreshment throughout the day.
  • Service: Service here in the countryside is not fussy or pretentious. Usually there are limited servers working a lot of tables, so it is leisurely. French servers tend to be politely reserved as this is meant to show respect. They tend to be more personal / interactive if you initiate.
  • Guide to French dining: New to French dining? Check out our tips for dining in France for helpful insights on local customs (including tipping) and how to make your meal more pleasant.
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    Excellent food is presented beautifully at these restaurants in and near Meursault.

    Casual restaurants in Meursault and nearby

    Casual Restaurants read more

    Local comfort food served in a casual setting.

    Bars / Coffee read more

    For in-between meal times, find bars and coffee shops that serve soda, water, tea, coffee, beer, wine and sometimes snacks.

    Sweets read more

    Ice cream, delectable pastries, chocolate... the French know how to do dessert.

    NOT French read more

    When you've had enough French food and are desperate for anything but French...

    Map of Meursault Restaurants / Food Shops

    Map of Meursault Restaurants and Picnic Food & Wine Shops

    Gourmet Restaurants in Meursault

    L’Episode Restaurant

    L'Episode restaurant in Meursault near Beaune
    L'Episode restaurant Meursault entrance

    1 Location: Meursault, 6 Place du Murger
    Website | Tel: +33 (0)6 31 14 00 26 | email
    Hours: Wednesday-Sunday for lunch and dinner.

    Just 100 meters from the main square in Meursault, this restaurant offers amazing food that is delicious but not overly fussy. This is a very small, simply decorated restaurant run by a husband and wife team. The food is creative, delicious, and presented beautifully. Locals and tourists keep L'Episode busy so reservations are a must all year. 2-course Set Menu from 23€, 3 course from 27€.

    Le Chevreuil Restaurant

    Le Chevreuil Restaurant Meursault- entrance
    Le Chevreuil Restaurant Meursault- interior

    15 Location: Meursault near the church, Place de la République
    Website | Tel: +33 (0)3 80 21 23 25 | email
    Hours: Lunch 12-1:30pm, Dinner: 7:30-9. Closed Thursday lunch and Wednesday and Sunday all day

    This restaurant serves gourmet Burgundian food on a patio overlooking the Chateau de Citeaux and vineyards (indoors in cooler weather). Consistently quality food and nice wine list. Locals and tourists visit this restaurant, so reservations are a good idea, especially in high season. 3-course set menu from 22€

    Chateau de Citeaux - Bistrot du Potager

    Bistrot du Potager Restaurant Meursault Food
    Bistrot du Potager Restaurant Meursault Dining Room

    21 Location: Meursault, 18 Rue de Cîteaux
    Website | Tel:+33 3 80 20 62 80
    Hours: Lunch Tuesday - Sunday, and Dinner Sunday only.

    The Chateau de Citeaux created the Bistrot du Potager in the former kitchens of the chateau. Dine in the charming, colorful kitchen with its massive fireplace and beams, or dine al fresco on the lawn in front of the chateau. The food is delicious and the setting is delightful. The Bistrot is a more casual option to their formal gastronomic restaurant. 3-course set menu from 29€

    Chateau de Citeaux - La Cueillette

    La Cueillette Restaurant Meursault Dining Room

    21 Location: Meursault, 18 Rue de Cîteau
    Website | Tel:+33 3 80 20 62 80
    Hours: Dinner only, Tuesday - Saturday

    For an exceptional fine dining experience, La Cueillette serves artful food in a beautiful 19th century dining room or patio overlooking the vines. The food is wonderful. The presentation is outstanding. The service is excellent. And you’ll feel like royalty. Set menu from 49€.

    La Goutte D’Or Restaurant

    La Goutte D'Or Restaurant in Meursault, France

    22Location: Meursault, 37 Rue Charles Giraud
    Website | Tel:+33 (0)3 80 20 94 05 | email
    Hours: Lunch and dinner, Closed Sunday and Monday

    This is a small restaurant with simple decor yet very good food. They focus on quality and creativity in meals that are comfortingly delicious. The outdoor patio is pleasant in nice weather. If the restaurant is serving the steak frites with cheese sauce, be sure to order it… and don’t feel bad if you eat far too many thick fries dipped in the cheese sauce. It’s heaven. 3-course lunch menu from 24€, dinner from 32€

    Au Fil du Clos

    Au Fil du Clos Restaurant in Meursault, France Au Fil du Clos Restaurant Meursault-- Gourmet Food

    23Location: Meursault, 1 rue de Mazeray
    Website | Tel:+33 (0)3 80 20 40 82 | email
    Hours: 12-1:30p, 7-9p, Closed Sunday and Monday

    Start by losing yourself in the panoramic views of the vineyard and old Cistercian tower. Located next to Meursault vines, this old family home has been renovated into a modern, architectural space. The menu is regional, seasonal ingredients that are crafted into modern, delicate cuisine. 2-course lunch menu from 26€, 3-course dinner from 38€

    Le Soufflot Restaurant

    La Goutte D'Or Restaurant in Meursault, France

    24Location: Meursault, 8 Route National 74 (D974)
    Website | Tel:+33 (0)3 80 22 83 65 | email
    Hours: Lunch and Dinner, Closed Saturdays and Sundays

    The high-end gourmet cuisine is complmented by a wine list that emphasizes excellent quality wines at reasonable prices. The restaurant has become very popular after being reviewed by a London newspaper, so reservations are a must.

    Gourmet Restaurants Nearby

    Within a few kilometers, by bike or car, delightful dining experiences abound. Here are a few of our favorite restaurants very near Meursault, along the Route des Grands Crus.

    L’Auberge des Vignes Restaurant

    L'Auberge des Vignes Restaurant in Volnay, near Meursault- Dining by the vines
    L'Auberge des Vignes Restaurant in Volnay, near Meursault - Interior Dining Room

    Location: Volnay, Route 974
    Website | Tel:+33 (0)3 80 22 24 48 | email
    Hours: Open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner

    This charming restaurant serves Burgundian food in a quaint indoor dining room or on a terrace with fabulous views of the vineyards of Volnay. The setting is lovely and the food is a delicious range of comforting classics and slightly adventurous dishes. Set lunch menu from 18€.

    La Cabane Restaurant

    La Cabane Restaurant in Chassagne-Montrachet Park, near Meursault
    La Cabane Restaurant in Chassagne-Montrachet, near Meursault- Open air seating

    Location: Chassagne-Montrachet, 9 Rue Charles Paquelin, Parc Michelle Bachelet
    Website | Tel: +33 (0)3 80 26 66 37 | email
    Hours: Lunch served all day Thursday-Tuesday, Dinner Friday and Saturday

    Set in a public park, this restaurant is a delightful place to spend the afternoon. It is casual enough you could even bike there from our holiday cottage. If you are traveling with children they can play in the park while you linger over simple yet delicious gourmet fare. A rare find in France, they serve lunch all day, not just during lunch hour. The menu includes cheese and charcuterie plates, wine and other beverages, and a full set menu lunch from 20€. They also serve artisanal ice cream.

    Olivier Leflaive Le Restaurant

    Olivier LeFlaive Restaurant Puligny Montrachet near Meursault

    Location: Puligny-Montrachet, Place du Monument
    Tel: +33 (0)3 80 21 37 65 | email | Website
    Hours: Open lunch and dinner, Closed Sunday

    The wine tasting lunch is a great way to learn about the wines of the Côte D’Or. The English and French speaking server will guide you through a gourmet lunch with perfectly paired wine, explaining the terroir and how the flavors of the wine change based on where in the region the vineyards are located.Tasting lunch menu including wine pairings from 65€. Dinner à la carte also available.

    Picnic / Takeaway Food

    If you are pressed for time, Meursault has plenty of options for take away meals. Specialty food shops, all within a few steps of each other around the Meursault main square, mean it can be as much fun gathering the meal as eating it. See full descriptions of Meursault food shops here.

    Picnic Fare

    • Bakery: fresh baguette sandwiches, quiche, flatbreads.
    • Butcher (boucherie): ready-made salads, charcuterie, paté
    • Epicerie (gourmet grocer): cheeses, charcuterie, vegetables, fruit, wine
    • Petite Casino Grocer: all your basics, fruit, veg, chilled wine
    • Wine: Pick up a bottle from the Cave des Vielle Vignes Wine Shop or any of the caveau tasting rooms

    Takeout / Food Trucks

    You can order pizza for takeaway at Le Bouchon Restaurant. Several food trucks (hambugers, pizza, tacos) come to town in the evening on different days of the week and park next to La Place Bar, the bar on the main square.

    Where to Picnic

    The great news is, even French take out food is fresh and delicious. Just take your treasures back to your holiday cottage, to a peaceful picnic spot in the village park (see map) or on the vineyard paths (see map).

    French Holiday Cottages gite holiday rental in Meursault, Burgundy

    Casual Restaurants in Meursault

    If you're looking for casual and easy dining, but have the time to enjoy a leisurely French meal, you have several options in the center of town, across from the Mairie (the big building with the colorful roof). These casual restaurants offer typical Burgundian food. The advantage of these restaurants is they are convenient, open nearly all year, and offer inside and al fresco dining in pleasant weather. Most of the year you can show up without a reservation particularly if you arrive when they first open (noon for lunch and 7 for dinner). During the high season, it’s best to call for a reservation.

    Hotel Restaurant Les Arts (The red one)

    Hotel Les Arts Restaurant and Bar Meursault Exterior
    Hotel Les Arts Restaurant Meursault interior

    8Location: Main Square Meursault, Centre Ville
    Tel:+33 3 80 21 20 28

    A reliable place to get lunch, dinner, or a drink at the bar in between. They typically offer a very nice large salad as well as typical Beef Bourgignon and other regional dishes. Set menu from 20€.

    Le Bouchon (The one with the cork)

    Le Bouchon Restaurant in Meursault
    Le Bouchon Restaurant interior - Meursault

    10Location: Main Square Meursault, Centre Ville
    Tel:+33 3 80 21 29 56

    Pizza (eat in or takeaway) and traditional Burgundian food, including some more traditional / adventurous options for the locals. Le Bouchon's popularity with the locals for lunch means they have a daily lunch set menu available from just 13,80€.

    Hotel Du Centre (The green one)

    Hotel du Centre restaurant and bar in Meursault
    Hotel du Centre restaurant and bar in Meursault- outdoor seating / terrasse

    9Location: Main Square Meursault, Centre Ville
    Tel:+33 3 80 21 20 75

    With a lovely outdoor courtyard, this restaurant offers typical Burgundian food including escargots, soupe à l'oignon-- though their ham and cream sauce with mashed potatoes is a favorite. Set menu from 20€.

    Bars / Coffee

    These bars and coffee shops offer drinks (coffee, soft drinks, wine, beer, etc.) in between lunch and dinner hours.

    La Place

    La Place Bar Meursault

    20Location: Main Square Meursault, Centre Ville
    Website | Tel:+33 (0)3 80 21 24 41

    This is the local pub (drinks only) where villagers stop in after work and tourists sip beverages in the hours when restaurants are closed. The bar serves wine by the glass and bottle, coffee, beer and other beverages. They are open much of the time with comfortable seating outside and an indoor seating area behind the newsstand. Sometimes food trucks park outside in the evening (hamburgers, pizza, burritos).

    Caveau de Puligny-Montrachet Wine Bar

    Caveau Wine Bar Puligny Montrachet

    Location: Puligny Montrachet, 1 Rue de Poiseul
    Website | Tel:+33 (0)3 80 21 96 78 | email
    Hours: Mar-Oct: 7 days, 9:30a-12p and 2p-7p | Nov-Feb 7 days 10a-12p and 3p-6p

    This excellent wine bar has a fantastic wine list curated by the owner and a lovely outdoor patio. Whether you are looking for a special wine or a surprising value, the expert staff will be happy to introduce you to some local gems. You can ride a bike to this wine bar from our holiday rental or of course your car will get you there in about two minutes.

    Les Faïences de Sandrine

    La Faiences coffee and ice cream Meursault

    17Location: Meursault Main Square, Centre Ville

    This gift shop known for hand painted pottery also offers coffee, tea and ice cream on the green near the fountain. This is a great place to grab refreshment when the restaurants are closed. During nice weather they have tables and umbrellas under the trees.

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    Sweets and Ice Cream in Meursault

    When you need a little sweet treat or a gourmet dessert to impress your guests, Meursault has you covered.

    Artisan Boulangerie

    Picnic Food and Bakery in Meursault

    13Location: Main Square Meursault, Centre Ville
    Hours: 6:00a-7:00p, Sun 6:00a-1:00p, Closed Wednesdays

    Be prepared to have so many delicous choices you're bound to leave with more than you planned on. Freshly baked pastries, cakes, petit-fours, tarts, cookies plus gourmet chocolates and ice cream.

    Les Faïences de Sandrine

    La Faiences ice cream cafe Meursault

    17Location: Meursault Main Square, Centre Ville

    Hand-scooped ice cream and coffee/tea with seating outside during nice weather.

    NOT French Restaurants

    After a few meals you may be craving something distinctly NOT French. Not to worry, there are a number of non-French options in Beaune.

    Keep Kong Restaurant

    Keep Kong Pizza Restaurant Beaune near Meursault
    Keep Kong Italian Restaurant Beaune near Meursault- Pasta Bolognese

    Location: Beaune, 125 Route de Dijon
    Website | Tel: +33 (0)3 80 24 35 95
    Hours: Dinner and Lunch, Closed Sunday and Monday

    With oven fired pizzas, salads, and Italian entrees, this restaurant is a delightful alternative. Keep Kong is run by a husband and wife team in a charming renovated space in Beaune (about 10km from Meursault.) Be sure to save room for dessert. The chef makes great pizza, but his homemade desserts are the best in Beaune! Also available for take out.

    Iftikhar Indian Restaurant

    indian restaurant in beaune near meursault

    Location: Beaune, 63 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Nicolas
    Tel: +33 (0)3 80 21 80 65

    With a decorative interior and terrace during nice weather, Iftikhar offers a solid selection of Indian dishes. Granted, they’re sauces have been modified a bit for French tastes, but the Naan and other core dishes are a savory change from French cuisine.