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We welcome you to come share the joy we find in Meursault, Burgundy. Our American family started coming to France annually nearly 20 years ago. We love the culture and the people, the history and the scenery. During the years we lived abroad in crowded cities in China, Burgundy became our escape to a slower pace-- a place to remember to appreciate the beauty in good food, good wine, and good company.

After years of renting other people’s homes, we decided to create our own home base in France. We searched and searched for just the right house in just the right location, and finally discovered these two stone buildings with the potential to be exactly the home we had dreamt of. After two years of renovation from afar (yes it is possible!), the homes are ready to share.

We live in the US these days, but find every excuse we can to visit Meursault often to embrace the reverence the French have for quality of life. We hope you’ll make yourselves comfortable in these homes that we are happy to share. Here’s to discovering the wonder that awaits in Meursault.

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History and renovations

These buildings have stood since George Washington was fomenting rebellion in the colonies. They appear on Napolean's land survey. The last owners purchased the houses during World War II. After sitting empty for a number of years, they have been reborn into luxury rental houses. See the journey of the homes from lonely shells to welcoming retreats.
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French Holiday Cottages Owners children enjoying Burgundy